One Pan Puglia Pasta

One Pan Puglia PastaQuick, Easy & Delicious. I told Ben “This is something even you could make” and he said “Oh, sure, if I was stuck on an island with fire and a pan” … then he tasted it and all sarcasm disappeared when he asked how I made it. Everything goes into one pan and cooks at the same time. Water & pasta included! The recipe is here (courtesy of Martha Stewart — and my friend Seth who brought it to my attention via Facebook this week!)

My tips:
*Use very hot water to start so your pasta doesn’t overcook and keep the pan very hot & boiling the entire time.
*The crushed red pepper definitely adds heat to the dish, so if you’re not a fan of spicy, decrease the amount in half.
*The fresh basil and grated parmesan make the meal — be sure to buy a chunk of parm and grate a whole bunch on each plateful of pasta when serving
*If you’re feeling lost without protein, adding Italian sausage (even on the side) would be a nice complement to the flavors

In case you care:
*We drank a Malbec with dinner because the bottle had been opened earlier in the week and we didn’t want to waste it, but I think a crisp Sauvignon Blanc would pair really well with it.


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