Street Tacos & Scabies

photo-29Last night we walked down the street and checked out part of the Kansas City StartUp Crawl. While it was interesting to see some of the entrepreneurial endeavors happening in our own neighborhood, I was more excited about the Taco Republic food truck parked near the corner. I never turn down a taco, especially when they have real, awesome delicious ingredients. The only thing I would have changed about my order? I would have ordered more. They were so-so-good.

We also had a friend join us, so that meant for good conversations filled with disgusting and humorous topics about things you thought you would never share with anyone … like a time when you may or may not have had scabies that itched so bad you couldn’t stand it. And when the dermatologist explained the ultimate diagnosis you may or may not have had your jaw drop in horror. And you may or may not have freaked out because you may or may not have had tried on clothing at a well-known-retailer just a week before the doctor visit. And you may or may not have had to treat yourself with a pesticide cream from head to toe, in every crack & crevice. And your newly-wed-husband may or may not have had to treat himself, too, even though he wasn’t showing symptoms, but he shared a bed with you so it was only a matter of time before the highly contagious rash appeared.

As you can imagine, these make for awesome dinner discussions, especially when the mosquitoes are biting and everyone is feeling itchy and, therefore, paranoid about what may actually be lurking on/under their skin. I’m betting you wish you were there to experience our chat in all its glory! I’m also betting that you have Googled scabies to see what exactly I’m talking about. And I’m betting you are quite possibly very grossed out and itching to find out if more topics like this will appear. Guess you’ll just have to check back later and see!

One thought on “Street Tacos & Scabies

  1. Those sound like my kind of friends! Reminds me of our first post-college meeting and conversation! Also, if you want to be super grossed out, check out pinworms. I had no idea what they were until my friend admitted that her sons had gotten them. Gross!


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