Yesterday my goal at the City Market Farmers Market was to find a big thing of rosemary to bring home and plant in a pot. My only problem was that I only had $3.00 $2.00 in cash. (I started with $3 but after I got there I needed a bottle of water really bad and that cost me a buck. So I was quickly down to $2.) So I carefully perused the stalls, searching for the biggest bang of rosemary for my two bucks. I found a farmer with a really good selection but he was charging $3 per pot. Damn the water! I was mentally gearing myself up to negotiate with the farmer, but then I remembered I had change floating around the bottom of my market bag and I was able to dig out four shiny quarters. Score! I jumped up and down, Ben stared at me like I was crazy (so did the farmer) and then I went about my business finding the biggest one. Found it. Bought it. Took a picture of it. Posted it here. You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Rosemary

  1. I LOVE this shot btw. Like frame it and hang it on a wall love. But not just any wall – the perfect wall. I’ve been oooing and awwwing over it since Saturday.

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