A Sloppy Apology

Dearest Ben,

Tonight I’m going to make Sloppy Joes for dinner. I’m sorry. I know you don’t like them and in the past I’ve used them as leverage to get take out or go out to eat. But this time, its not a bluff. Its the truth. We have buns left over from last night’s brats and I don’t want them to go to waste. I think it will be fun to have long Sloppy Joes, rather than the usual round ones, don’t you? I also think it will be delicious. photo-35

To make things a bit more interesting, we can make a theme night of it. While we eat our sloppy sammies, we can watch all the chaos of emotion and charm that is The Bachelorette. It can be like a drinking game, but with Sloppy Joes! Every time Des kisses another guy we’ll take a bite of our sandwiches in honor of the dude being a Sloppy Second.

By now, I’m certain my apology is no longer necessary and you are actually looking forward to spending Sloppy Second Joe Sandwich Night together.

Yours Truly,

PS: If you read this before you get home, please pick up some pickles. We are out. And get the kind in the refrigerator section, they are so much better.

One thought on “A Sloppy Apology

  1. My kids love sloppy joes and ask for them weekly. I don’t know how you make yours, but we just ground the beef, add about half a can of tomato soup and squirt some mustard until they are orange-y and voila! Maybe your kid will like them too!


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