Breakfast in Bed with Brad Pitt on the Fourth of July

Okay I didn’t really have breakfast in bed this morning. I’ve just been dying to use that line since I decided that you-know-who was going to be called Brad Pitt. I woke up before Brad Pitt and left him in my bed this morning so that I could get ready for the day. Since its the Fourth of July the first task of the day involved shaving my legs. I may not have the skinniest legs at the pool today, but at least they’ll be shaved. That, in itself, is an annual event worth a fireworks celebration.

Next up: I should go buy some beer. My dad called yesterday wanting to know if we wanted Bud Light, Coors Light or Miller Lite. You really can’t say “none of the above” when someone is offering to buy your beer. And, its really probably more hydrating to drink a light beer on an all-day-drinking holiday than a heavier, higher alcohol content IPA (my favorite). So, considering my options, I immediately nixed out the Butt Light and said either of the other two was fine, just get whatever was cheapest. He paused and then said “they’re the same price” so I said “Okay cool, lets go for the Silver Bullet!” I figure that is more ‘Merican than Miller Lite. And, we should be safe if werewolves show up to the party at any point in time.

Anyway, since my dad bought the beer, I probably don’t need to add to the stash, but I feel guilty showing up empty handed. Especially since I wasn’t given an assignment to bring any food. I don’t know if I missed a message but no one asked me to bring anything and to be honest, I purposely did not seek out the information. I thought about throwing together a spicy guacamole at the last minute this morning but I had no jalapenos. So, that’s not going to happen. Which is fine because I’m pretty sure no one in my family will eat guac except for me and Brad Pitt and I don’t want to eat an entire bowl alone. Plus, its not ‘Merican enough for today. Back to the beer ….


Is it okay to drink an Imported Beer on the Fourth of July???

My favorite beer related picture these days is this image I took while we were in New York recently. I had a Michelada at Salvation Taco. Given the fact I’m a sucker for anything hot & spicy, this “beer cocktail” was right up my alley. I suppose you could use a domestic beer in place of the Mexican import which would make it a-okay to drink on the Fourth of July. Plus our country is a melting pot of cultures, so, again, its probably justified to drink an import. But today I’ll probably stick with the Silver Bullet. And margaritas if my sister brings her margarita machine.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Bed with Brad Pitt on the Fourth of July

  1. Yeah, I had to drink Bud Light yesterday because we couldn’t take bottles on the lake. I felt like a real beer snob because I was not at all excited about the idea of drinking bland watery beer. Oh well. I survived. And took a nap on the boat too…


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