My Top Five Sandwich Spots in Kansas City


Happy Gillis Smashed Meatball Sandwich

Thanks to the mid-week holiday, today feels more like a Monday than a Friday. Which is much better than a Monday feeling like a Friday and having to drag through a whole week waiting for the weekend. Really, in our house weekdays and weekends just blend together so it doesn’t truly matter. Except for the fact we started celebrating Sandwich Saturdays. So I guess I would be bummed out if I woke up thinking it was Friday but it was really only Monday.

Since I’m already anticipating tomorrow’s sandwich, I thought I would share my top five sandwich spots in town. Disclaimer: this is current as of today, it very likely could change as early as tomorrow depending on where we get a sandwich and how good it tastes. So, as of today, the best of the best, in no particular order….

-1- Dean & Deluca: I know. It’s a chain. Brad Pitt said “I kinda want to punch you for putting a chain on your list.” Really Brad Pitt? Like in Fight Club? Honestly, I kinda want to punch myself for including a chain. But I love their roast beef sandwich. Like, love-love it. If I’m anywhere near the gourmet grocer, I make a Pitt-stop. Even on non-Saturdays.
-2- Happy Gillis: The last time we were at this kitschy little hangout in the Columbus Park neighborhood I had the Smashed Meatball Sandwich. It lived up to its name because it smashed most other sandwiches out of the park.
-3- Pigwich: The meatball banh mi, YUM! Seriously great flavors and a fun atmosphere. Which feels ironic because Pigwich isn’t really atmospheric in the sense of what you would expect when you walk inside a restaurant. Because you don’t walk inside. Its outside. The guys at The Local Pig created a stationary food truck with a covered patio attached to their butcher shop. Its located next to nowhere (except for the kick ass music venue Knuckleheads). So really there is no atmosphere, but there is. You just have to experience it for yourself. And the sandwiches taste so good, its worth finding them.
-4- 75th Street Brewery: Their French Dip is the best. Ever. They tried taking it off the menu at one point in time and I think enough people freaked out that they brought it back. Thank God.
-5- Momofuku Noodle Bar: Okay. This shouldn’t make my list because it’s in New York, not Kansas City. But I was stumped on the fifth sandwich to include and I didn’t want to mislead anyone with a title that says “Top Five” when I was only going to have four. So, I ask for forgiveness. But really you will be thanking me because if you ever grab a seat at this insanely-popular David Chang spot in the East Village you will absolutely love the shrimp bun. It. Is. Delicious.

You may have noticed that I did not include a single hamburger on this list. While technically a sandwich, the hamburger deserves a category all on it’s own. You’ll just have to follow my blog for a future post on the best hamburgers I’ve ever had.

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