Di Ginormous Date Night

Sticking to our “budget,” we stayed in last night and – prepare yourself for this – Brad Pitt made dinner. This never happens. Partly because I really enjoy cooking (and he doesn’t) and partly because I obsessively watch over his shoulder if he ever attempts to cook something. It happens so rarely, I’m just making sure he does it right.

We decided to make a pizza. And by “make a pizza” I mean pre-heat the oven and stick in a Di Giorno. Which, by the way, I will now forever refer to as Di Ginormous because that is how auto correct spells it. I sat outside on the patio and used all restraint from watching every move Brad Pitt made in the kitchen and just casually asked questions like “Did you remember to take the stuff out of the oven before you turned it on?” Surprisingly he did remember. Dammit. One point for Brad Pitt. Zero for Katie.

di Ginormous pizza

di Ginormous pizza

Things were taking longer than they should to stick a pizza in the oven, so I peeked in and asked if everything was okay. He said “Yeah” so I was like “Well, what is taking so long?” and he proudly said “I’m making tator tots and onion rings, too!” I got super excited and high-fived him. But when I realized the tots and rings require a different cooking temp and time than the pizza, he accused me of looking at him judgmentally, so I just walked away. Point for Katie! Tied game!

The pizza, tots & rings turned out great. I decided it would be awesome if we kept the ball rolling on our fun evening and camped out in the backyard, but Brad Pitt squashed that idea. So I suggested we build a fort in the living room. He actually went for the challenge. Point for Brad Pitt!

I let him do all the work, because lets be honest, he’s the man in the relationship and men like to construct things, right? At one point I asked him “how do you feel about the fort?” And he said “I feel like I’m awaiting criticism.” Which he was, but I  kept my mouth shut. Until he said “Okay! Paradise is built!!!” and I said “Um, it doesn’t have any walls and it doesn’t point up in the center.” To which he responded “Oh, you want a princess tent.” (No, I just want to be able to sit up inside the tent without a sheet drooping down onto my head. Duh.) So he ran to the kitchen and came back with scissors, gift ribbon, clothes pins and a stool. I immediately thought “Oh My God. He’s a freakin’ genius.” Using his “tools” he connected the middle of the sheet to the light fixture above and BOOM we had a tent.

At this point we decided it was crucial to turn off all the lights in the house and walk around using headlamps, in true camping fashion. I was all settled into my camping spot when Brad Pitt yelled “I’m goin’ to the outhouse!” so I said “Just pee in the grass!” and he said “By grass do you mean the rug, because I’m about to!” but he made it to the bathroom.

Eventually, we were all settled into the tent. Brad Pitt, me and Penny. And his construction technique allowed us to watch one of my favorite movies: It’s Complicated. Which is kind of fitting considering how complicated the evening turned out just to have a good date night at home. I highly recommend building a tent fort in the middle of your living room on a Friday night and eating a Di Ginormous pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

One thought on “Di Ginormous Date Night

  1. You guys are super cute! Anytime you need a cheap date night (with friends), you are more than welcome to come to our abode. Sure, there’ll be kids running around, but I guarantee they’ll make you a fort. And it’s really cheap! We’ll let you drink our beer and sit in our hot tub!


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