Sally Sold Sushi By the Seashore

There is no Sally and we didn’t get our sushi from the seashore. Regardless, it was damn good. Many grocery stores offer sushi which makes for a much cheaper dinner than going out to a sushi restaurant. If we are having sushi at home, I always go to Cosentino’s Downtown Market – its a beautiful grocery store (my favorite in Kansas City) with a designated sushi area and a real sushi chef. We opted for rolls last night and I added edamame and pork shumai to the meal. Actually, I realized last night that I’ve been eating edamame wrong my entire life (and by entire life I mean the last ten years or so because I never had edamame growing up).

There is no need to make edamame a tongue-twisting event. Instead of attacking the bean pod in a top to bottom vertical fashion, I realized the beans popped right out if I bit gently into the side seam and moved horizontally across the pod. For those of you who have eaten edamame like this before, good for you. For those who are just as astounded as I am to learn a new (and better) technique… Boom! You are welcome! This reminds me of the YouTube video on how we’ve been eating things wrong our entire lives … like an apple. Check it out, but be prepared to have your mind blown.


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