Battle of Sugo

Brad Pitt and I have an ongoing disagreement about who is more Italian. Technically, we are equally Italian. I spent some time examining our family trees and realized we have the same number of Italian genes as each other. But, really, I am more Italian and I will explain why…

Last night I made a salad and spaghetti for dinner. (That, in itself, doesn’t make me more Italian.)
I follow in my (full-blooded Italian) Grandma’s way of always adding some sugar to my sauce to sweeten it up a bit, but it drives Brad Pitt completely nuts. He accused me the other day of “cooking Midwestern style” because “I add sugar to everything.” First off, this is not true. I only add sugar to my iced tea (so therefore I must also be a Southerner) and to my spaghetti sauce. So, I countered back with “No, I am making sugo, which is very Italian not Midwestern.” And he said, “Don’t try to use words that I don’t know to win this argument.” So I said “Well, you must not really be Italian because otherwise you would know that word and that it means sugar in your sauce.”* And that, my friends, is how I know I am more Italian.

*Sugo is spelled close enough to sugar that one would think it means sugar-in-your-sauce, but it doesn’t really. It really just means sauce. But Brad Pitt doesn’t need to know.


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