Three Day Limit

Apparently I can only go three days without eating Mexican food. We chowed down on nachos, tacos and margaritas during Taco Tuesday this week. Today is Friday. I needed Mexican food for dinner. It was undeniable. I spent a good portion of today in the sun watching my niece & nephew (which can only be relieved by a frozen margarita – being in the sun relief, not watching the children relief. Well, maybe both.) And by the time Brad Pitt was done working for the day, it was already 8pm which meant we were both already starving and where else can you sit down and have food immediately brought to you? Thank you chips and salsa! So it was an easy decision to head to our all time favorite Mexican spot: Sabor y Sol. Its no frills, cheap, just above the “hole in the wall” category, has great service and excellent food.

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