Sandwich Saturday: Blast from the Past

My plate of enchiladas was so large last night that I had enough leftover to pig out again today. So, I am skipping Sandwich Saturday this week. (Gasp!) Life will go on. And maybe I will just substitute Sunday in for Saturday and grab a sammie tomorrow. To honor the day, though, I thought I would bring out an old photo from our most recent trip to NYC. I introduce you to: Pret a Manger. You will find these great little sandwich shops spread throughout Manhattan. They make everything fresh every day. And the sandwiches are so, so, so good. When booking our hotel, I compared distance from each hotel to the nearest Pret a Manger so I would guarantee myself a close lunch every day we were there. Totally genius and not pathetic at all. Happy Sandwich Saturday!

Caprese Sandwich • Pret a Manger

Caprese Sandwich • Pret a Manger


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