Fool me once

I just picked up one of my favorite magazines and noticed the lead on the bottom right of the cover: Roy Blount Eats a Nutria.* “Sweet! I’ll read about that,” I think to myself. So I immediately flipped to the designated page to read about Rat Eating Roy. What the hell? He maybe talks about his nutria stint for two sentences and then it was all rambling about organic food and cats flushing toilets.** And in the super brief moment he actually wrote about nutria he referred to it as a “red toothed beaver with a skinny tail.” Ummmm, Roy? I hate to break the news but its a river rat. Funny thing, though, the idea of nutria rat always grossed me out. But eating a red toothed beaver? That I might actually try.

*Roy Blount. Not Roy Blunt. I totally thought it said Roy Blunt ate a Nutria. As in the Senator Roy Blunt. That is the only reason I wanted to read the stupid story in the first place. So, technically, the magazine tricked me twice. Doh.

**If you take the time to click this link, be sure to have your volume turned on. Hell, turn it all the way up. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a kick ass video with a catchy tune on my first Google search for cats flushing toilets. It almost reminds me of Phoebe singing about Smelly Cat.


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