Monday, the new Tuesday

For a few weeks my great friend Amy and I have tried to find a Taco Tuesday that fit within our schedules. Epic Fail. Didn’t happen. So we settled on a Monday. I told her that El Patron had excellent specials for margaritas on Mondays (half off!!!) and her response was “Lets be honest, we know we can drink more margaritas than we can eat tacos.” True. So true. So going on Monday was more of a win than waiting for a Tuesday that worked. And win we did. What a great night! I mean, when you can have conversations about Las Vegas, uteruses, and tighty whities all in one night with your husbands sharing the table, how could that go wrong?!? Its definitely a win. A huge win. And the margaritas and food were just as delicious as our conversation. Monday is the best new Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Monday, the new Tuesday

  1. My margarita performance failed! One margarita and I was sharing things that normally takes 3 drinks before I share! So still a huge success in that half off margaritas are hella strong! And amazing tacos!!!


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