On the road. On the Hill.

Brad Pitt had a business trip in St. Louis this week, so I hitched a ride with him figuring I could capture some fun photos and eat a few good meals in a different city for a couple of days.  After checking into our hotel, we headed to The Hill to grab dinner. This is where everything Italian can be found in St. Louis. And since you all know we are both super Italian, we had to enjoy a meal on The Hill.

The best part about dinner, though, wasn’t the food. The best part was about halfway through when our server came to check on us and I casually leaned toward him and said “Ummm, we’re going to need separate checks so his wife doesn’t find out he took me out to dinner.” Brad Pitt turned bright red and the server’s eyes got real big. But I couldn’t contain my laughter, so I ended up explaining we just needed separate checks because he was going to expense his meal and I needed to pay my own way to keep things fair. And that we were most certainly married to each other. After we finished our meals and laid out separate cards for each of our bills, he came back and said “Okay, you are good! You are married! Your last names match!” And I said “Ha! Actually, no, we are just brother and sister!” Brad Pitt just rolled his eyes and we left with full bellies. Hand in hand. You know, like a brother and sister.

One thought on “On the road. On the Hill.

  1. OMG. You crack me up! So much funnier when you do things like this to Brad Pitt instead of to me though. 🙂


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