Pizza 51

Pizza 51

Today Bon Appetit posted an article about great restaurants that are in gas stations. Some still pump gas while others have been fully converted into a stand alone restaurant. Louisville, Charleston, Fort Worth and many other cities were named… including Kansas City. In fact, two of the seventeen restaurants mentioned are in Kansas City! Which made me wonder what is it about Kansas City that makes people want to serve food out of a gas station? I can think of at least three other gastaurants* in KC besides those mentioned in the article.

Pizza 51 (and the sister restaurant Pizza 51 West) serve fantastic pizza from transformed gas stations.  Mom & Pop shop Papu’s Cafe in Waldo serves gyros and the like from the back of a functioning gas station. The Filling Station is yet another metro area gas station turned BBQ stop out in the ‘burbs.

So, do we have the highest gas stations per capita? How many gas station restaurants are really out there? Are pizza and BBQ the typical menu items? Does gas station food give you gas? Does it fill you up? Inquiring minds want to know!

*I was so excited that I had coined a new word but my ego was quickly deflated after a quick online search for “gastaurant” – its been done before. Damn it.


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