Happy Hot Dog Day!

Today is National Hot Dog Day so get out there and eat some wieners! Word on the street is Sonic has $1.00 All American and Chili Cheese Dogs all day long. And 7-Eleven is rumored to be giving away free hotdogs if you download their free mobile app and show the hot dog coupon in the store. Of course, you can always make your own dogs at home. I like Oscar Mayer Light Beef Franks. But buy what you like. And try some Sriracha on your dog instead of mustard or ketchup. Its SO good.

I could really go for a hotdog from The K – there is something about the hot dogs served at Royals baseball games. They are the best. Delish.com actually made a list of the best ballpark hotdogs and said the Kansas City All Star BBQ Dog is great. But I think a plain ol’ dog with mustard and maybe some relish would be better than one with all that extra stuff on top. And if you are lucky your favorite condiment will win the Hot Dog Race. Or maybe faceplant like Ketchup did in this video.

I suppose I’ve had a thing for hot dogs for awhile now. Brad Pitt and I dressed up as Hot Dogs for Halloween back in 2009. We even had a matching costume for our chihuahua! We celebrated at my Seeester and Vince Vaughn’s house with their kids and ate hot dogs for dinner. Which was a little odd, being a hot dog and eating a hot dog, you know? The best part of that night, though, was when Brad Pitt & Vince Vaughn walked around the neighborhood trick or treating with my niece and nephew. Vince Vaughn was dressed as Caesar so we kept yelling “Look, its Caesar and His Wiener!!!” That was awesome.

Hot Dog Family

Hot Dog Family

Caesar and His Wiener

Caesar and His Wiener

But the best way to celebrate National Hot Dog Day is with this video from the movie Role Models. Its…just…so …….. wrong. But downright hilarious.

And on that note: Happy Hot Dog Day!


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