The Way To Any Man’s Heart

vsco_0Tonight I am going to make a recipe I found online called “Romantic Chicken with Artichokes and Mushrooms.” The person who posted it says “the white wine, artichokes and mushrooms make this chicken dish the way to any man’s heart!” Of course, I had to ask myself, “Any man!?!?” So I decided I would make some for Brad Pitt… you know, to get further into his heart.

Its pretty much the exact same way I have made chicken many times before, except I usually leave out the capers and always add garlic. I just didn’t know the combo of white wine, artichokes, mushrooms and chicken was helping me work my way into my man’s heart. That is pretty awesome. It does feel like a “fancier” dinner. Well, fancier than sloppy joes or frozen pizza. I like fancy dinners. Which is probably why most nights we don’t eat until nearly 9pm or later. I don’t start cooking until 7pm and before I know it, the clock is striking nine. Maybe that makes it more romantic? But I just learned that eating late can put you at risk for heart disease. So whether I make this Romantic Chicken or something else, I’m still managing to get to my man’s heart.*

*I’m glad I found that news article. I better start cooking earlier so I don’t get too far into Brad Pitt’s heart.

Brad Pitt’s lovely suggestions for the title of this post:
“Choking Your Man’s Chicken of Love”
“How to Give Your Man the (love)Bird”
“Cockle Doodle Poon”
“A Quaint Evening of Love and Affection. Together. In Matrimony. And Loving Each Other Forever…. What are you doing? Are you typing that??? Don’t say that! I’m trying to make up for the bad ones I suggested!! Stop!!! Don’t type that!!!!””
and when I didn’t stop typing:

2 thoughts on “The Way To Any Man’s Heart

    • 🙂 it’s really easy! Just make sure you don’t cook the chicken too long because it will get dry. But having said that I’d rather have dry chicken than salmonella!


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