Sandwich with a Side of Enchilada

I’d like to say that I am thrilled Sandwich Saturday is finally here after waiting an entire week to devour a tasty sammie. But its not true.

photo-106I had a doctor’s appointment in Leawood on Tuesday, which means I was near Dean & Deluca. Very, very near. How can you be that close to D&D and not stop in for a bite? It’s impossible. So, I did. I picked up one roast beef sandwich (we are on budget, you know) and I brought it home and shared with Brad Pitt. See how nice I am?!? The sandwiches are actually large enough that sharing is perfectly acceptable. Especially if you buy some chips, too. But, like I said, there is a budget. So, instead of chips we supplemented our half sandwiches with side dishes of leftover enchiladas from the night before. Don’t judge. Just look at the tasty sandwich. Happy Sandwich Saturday! Go get yourself some.


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