I Scream You Scream

Typically I don’t eat ice cream. I’m more of a fro-yo or gelato gal. But there is one spot in Kansas City that has the most delicious, most delectable, most amazing ice cream.

Let me introduce you to Glacé. Artisan ice cream. And it really is artisan. Its special. Its different. Its like a taste explosion in your mouth. Okay I may be going overboard, but my point is this: its really, really, really good.

Brad Pitt and I stopped by last night after we cheated on Chipotle with Freebirds. We had the Little Monster (aka Penny, our chihuahua) with us, so I sat outside with her while he went in to get our treats. Before he went inside I said “I want the goat cheese flavor” and then left the rest up to him.

photo-113When he returned, the bowl he handed me had a mixture of fuschia and cream colors. “Its goat cheese and beets!” he said. Oh. Cool. Beets. Thanks, Brad Pitt. I wasn’t expecting ice cream from Dwight Schrute’s farm. But I had no choice. It was paid for and sitting right in front of me. Don’t get me wrong. I like beets. One of my all time favorite salads is a beet and goat cheese salad at PotPie. Mmmm. Its so good! I just wasn’t expecting beets for dessert.

I’m so glad he didn’t double check with me before placing the order, I probably would have changed my mind and ordered something else. But this was so good. No, it was fantastic. And the best part is that I’m certain all the health benefits of eating beets far outweighed any of the not-so-great components of ice cream.

6 thoughts on “I Scream You Scream

  1. If you close your eyes can you see the look on my face while I am reading this? Seriously, goat cheese and beet ice cream??

  2. Ummm… is this for real?! Because holy cow that looks delicious. I’m with you I would said ‘hell no, take it back’ but I’m glad you didn’t because otherwise I wouldn’t have a pretty delish pic to stare at all afternoon.

    • it was SO real and SO SO SO good! Christopher Elbow, the creator of these ice cream masterpieces does amazing things with desserts. His chocolates are THE BEST ever. Google him. I always give his chocolates as gifts during holidays and special occasions. His ice cream is just as creative and just as good.

  3. I need on your gift list if you are giving elbow CHOCOLATES! Today is my sons birthday if you wanted to swing by with “his” gift 🙂


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