Brad Pitt Is My Wingman

Going out on a Monday night is not exactly the best way to start off a work week. But when the nation has declared it Chicken Wing Day and you score two free tickets* to a Macklemore concert, how can you stay home? You can’t. You take advantage of the opportunity, convince your husband to be your wingman** and party like its 1999.

Okay, we didn’t really party like it was 1999. We are responsible adults on a budget and Brad Pitt had a huge day ahead of him, work-wise. So we toned it down a few notches. But we still had fun and ate some really good wings.***

*The concert was free to the public, but tickets were required. Its amazing how excited you can get over free-free tickets.
**Pun totally intended. Except by wingman I wasn’t approaching women. I needed help tackling a mound of hot wings.
***The only reason I am writing this post is because I managed to capture a good shot of hot wings. It is damn near impossible to take a decent picture of wings, but I really liked this picture so I had to find a way to post it. Plus they put jalapenos on the side! Pure genius.

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