One Huge Italian

The weekend is here which means …. Sandwich Saturday!

I spent two days last week dealing with the roof of my mouth feeling like it had been torn to shreds. All from chowing down on a huge Italian sandwich.

We went to Carollo’s in the City Market. I ordered the number 1 – capicola, salami, prosciutto, provolone and, of course, I had them add the hot peppers. It was only $6 (or something close to that) and it was huge!


This is the actual size of the sandwich. (Unless you are viewing this on your mobile device. In that case, its WAY bigger.)

It was also delicious. One of the better Italian sammies that I’ve had recently. It was just built on a huge slab of bread that I could barely wrap my dainty, ladylike mouth around and the bread was hard and crusty, to boot. I am not a fan of hard bread. Never have been. It hurts! Is there a way to make hard, crusty bread soft, so it doesn’t kill the roof of your mouth as you cram in each bite? The meat and cheese and hot peppers were awesome though.

Sandwiches must be like childbirth* because I’ve already forgotten about the pain and I’m considering going back this weekend for another one.

*I have never birthed a child, so forgive me if hard, crusty sandwiches are nothing like pushing out a baby.

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