Dear Chipotle


Awhile back I created a list of reasons why Chipotle should install drive-thru windows. I’m sure there are many more ideas that would create a strong case for the Burrito Boss to add this practical feature, but here are the few I’ve come up with (so far).


  1. Customers will no longer be able to reach their dirty little fingers over the glass partition. I like this reason a lot because it really grosses me out when I see people stretching over the plexiglass divider and dangling their digits over my cheese and lettuce.
  2. The Mom Factor: Mothers with screaming kids or new babies are more likely to cruise the the drive thru if it means they don’t have to drag in a brood of screaming, misbehaving little ones or lug out the entire car seat and binky. I don’t have kids, but I imagine this would be a big enough pain in the ass to make me avoid a bowl of burrito goodness.
  3. No shirt, No shoes…No problem — So many times Chipotle sounds really good, but the amount of effort it takes to get dressed and/or put on makeup greatly exceeds the craving.  (Next lazy-person-wish: Chipotle Delivery.)
  4. A drive-thru window would eliminate lost business in areas with limited parking. No parking space, no worries, just hit up the drive thru! You know you were going to get the burrito to-go anyway.
  5. Everyone else is doing it. And by everyone else, I mean Panera. A Kansas City-area Panera added a drive-thru window earlier this year. It worked on me. I stopped through for some soup. Surely a drive-thru will boost revenue for Chipotle, too.

I definitely think these five reasons justify the addition of Chipotle drive-thru windows worldwide. Don’t you?


3 thoughts on “Dear Chipotle

  1. Reasonable impression to have, Mom. McDonalds owned a big interest in Chipotle several years ago. But they divested that interest and Chipotle has gone on to commit to wholesome, well prepared food… sort of the opposite direction from McDonalds. Also, McDonalds is a franchise operation, but all Chipotle restaurants are owned by the company. Anyway, i would call Taco Bell the McDonalds of Mexican food. Chipotle is a step up from that, I think.


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