Thanks A Lot, Alton

When I first tuned into this episode of Good Eats I thought “Awesome! I’m going to learn how to make lobster at home.” But it will forever be known as “The Day Alton Brown Ruined Lobster For Me.” Around 5min30seconds into the segment Alton explains to viewers that lobsters are right in line with cockroaches in the food chain. Fantastic. An oceanic cockroach. For the first time I really looked at the lobster. Yep. They even look like cockroaches.
And now I can never eat lobster again.

2 thoughts on “Thanks A Lot, Alton

  1. Oh Katie, the reward of savouring a lobster would always out way any preconceived notion about where they lay on the food chain! I am happy to take any lobster off your hands…..! Great blog, I enjoy reading it everyday! You have quite a talent to engage the reader!

    • Maggie! Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. And I just don’t know. I try to get over my cockroachy thoughts when I see lobster on the menu but I have a hard time. I have eaten it once since I saw the Alton Brown segment…it was lobster mac & cheese so it wasn’t in full-lobster-form and I could visually handle the situation 🙂


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