Let it be known: Brad Pitt and I were very into craft beers before they were in style. (I also had my first chihuahua before Paris Hilton and Legally Blonde made the tiny pup fashionable. So pretty much I think its safe to say Brad Pitt and I are total trend setters and you should watch our every move to see what will be popular and stay ahead of the game. Apparently right now its cool to have no makeup, wacky hair and unshaved armpits. Go ahead and get on that bandwagon.)

When we travel we like to visit different breweries and brewpubs. And, when possible, we’ll grab a growler to add to our collection. Since Brad Pitt’s accident last year (that is a story in itself) we haven’t done much traveling, so our collection has remained a bit stagnant. I’m hoping to hit a few road trips soon and that should help add a few jugs.* Also, Kansas City is expecting a few new craft beer spots to open in the next year or so, which will also help expand our kitchen decor.

So far we have growlers from Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, California and Hawaii. Of course, its much easier to cart home a growler when you are road tripping, but its fun to watch the airport security freak out a little when they are scanning your carry-on and spot the shape of the empty growler inside. I remember having to explain what a growler was to one TSA agent in California when we brought home the Moylan’s growler. Part of me was shocked to learn people didn’t know what a growler was and the other part was shocked because he started growling at me. Like “Grrrrrr.” It was odd, but slightly awesome at the same time.

*Jug is a synonym for growler. When I looked it up, I was pleased to find that “hooker” is another synonym for growler. I can’t wait until the next time I go through airport security and I can tell them I have a hooker in my suitcase. Grrrrr.


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