Stupid Espresso

I haven’t had caffeine since January. Well, maybe a few sips of Diet Coke or a cup of Half-Caff coffee, but that is it. Nothing more. So when I ordered the espresso martini last night I should have expected to enter a world of hurt. And no sleep. In my defense I did try to order a different drink but they didn’t have the necessary ingredients and the espresso martini was featured on the drink menu. And it paired perfectly with our chocolate chip bread pudding dessert. Perfectly. So perfect, in fact, that I had two martinis. Stupid, stupid.

But it didn’t feel stupid at the time. No. Not at all. In fact, it was delicious. And it fueled me like never before. Honestly I can’t remember a single day when I was a regular coffee drinker where I had that much energy for that length of time. I would have been able to get through an entire day of work. No. An entire week with the amount of energy coursing through my entire body. Instead of work, though, I focused my attention on binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

About the time we were half way through the final episode, I realized my heart was racing and every muscle in my body was clenched tight. And Brad Pitt said “Jeez, no wonder you kept wanting to watch another episode. You are zooming on caffeine!” Around 4am he was exhausted so we went to bed. But I could not sleep. Instead I looked at the ceiling. This was my view:


Actually the room was dark, so my view was more like this:


And this is the reason:

Stupid espresso.


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