Taco Tuesday: The Hard Shell

I really screwed up Taco Tuesday this week. I had a huge craving for chips and salsa last night so I had enchiladas for dinner. I think I ruined myself for tacos today. We’ll see. The day is young.

In the meantime, I pulled this photo from a former Taco Tuesday with friends … Feast your eyes on the hard flour shell chicken taco from El Patron.


The day I met up with friends for these tacos I arrived earlier than everyone. As I waited, I tried to avoid plowing through the chips and salsa by talking to the table next to me. Before my group arrived, my newfound friends were offering me bites of tacos and tastes of mole sauce. I didn’t take a bite of their tacos (that creeped me out) but I did take them up on the offer to dip a chip into the mole sauce. Which was really, really good. So when the folks at that table insisted that the hard flour chicken tacos were the way to go, I followed their lead when I ordered my dinner.

They were good, but I still stand by my favorite al Pastor tacos at El Patron. What can I say? I’m just more of a fan of soft corn shell. But hard shell fiends, will definitely enjoy these tasty tacos.

Happy Taco Tuesday everyboday!*

*I totally misspelled “everybody” when I typed that. I started to delete it but I liked the way it sounded, so I’m leaving it. Its kind of sing-songy or maybe even an MTV Spring Break way of shouting out Taco Tuesday to the crowd.
That’s right everybodaaaaaay!


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