Dining with Dinosaurs

Today’s lunch date with the coolest four year old in the world was a huge success. First of all, I did not lose him. Not once. Not even for a brief second. So I feel like I have totally redeemed myself from my recent failure as an aunt. Second, I chose the best restaurant to entertain a child: T Rex Cafe. Honestly, if you asked me who had more fun today at the dinosaur-themed-restaurant, the four year old or me, I would easily say ME. Hands down. It was a blast!

I learned quite a bit, too. When we weren’t chowing down on pizza or looking at the fish aquariums and animated dinosaurs, he taught me that vampires make a sucking sound (which he demonstrated over and over and over and over again) and they like to eat blood. I taught him they don’t like garlic. He said “Ew!!!” and then he told me vampires also don’t like chicken. Chicken? Huh. That one was new to me. I also learned that its very smart to carry around pennies when you know you will be around a gazillion fountains. All I had was a handful of quarters. Key word: had. I don’t have those quarters anymore. Hope my wishes come true.

He crashed on the way home, not even five minutes after we got in the car. So I am pretty sure that counts for a successful day on his part, too.

2 thoughts on “Dining with Dinosaurs

  1. He had a blast, too. He has told Your Seeester over and over how much fun he had today. You made a four-year-old very happy on this first day of school. I bet there will be some story toppers sitting around their dinner table tonight. 😊

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Love this! He. Had. A. BLAST!!!! He has talked about dinosaurs, jellyfish, and octopuses all afternoon!


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