Beef Detox

I now understand why people invented Meatless Mondays … after eating hamburgers for dinner three nights in a row, I need to check into a beef detox program. I realized I had a problem when I checked into Westport Flea Market last night on FourSquare and I got this notice:


I bet the app developers at FourSquare also wanted to include comments like “And your ass is getting huge!” for records like this, but fortunately they are too kind.

Looking back at the hamburgers I ate all weekend, I have to say there was no disappointment. But I think I need to tank up on some major veggies and possibly some chicken before the saying “you are what you eat” becomes true and I turn into a cow. I smelled cows at the Iowa State Fair and I’m pretty sure that is not the direction I want my life to turn. I’m headed to the nearest Beefy Ford Clinic as soon as possible.



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