Two Grams Forty Dollars

You may have already figured this out, but I like to play jokes on people. Usually on Brad Pitt, but sometimes my mom is the perfect victim to my amazing sense of humor. A few months ago I came across this prank online and decided it would be the perfect way to mess with my mom.*


In case you didn’t understand, I will interpret the image above for you: The comedian is urging people to text their parents a cryptic message (Got 2 grams for $40) that implies they are selling marijuana and then immediately follow up the text with a message explaining the initial message wasn’t intended for them. He asked participants to tweet back the responses they received from their parents. And I have to say, there were some pretty funny texts.

Here is what happened when I texted the cryptic message to my own mom:

I have to say, Brad Pitt and I were doubled over with laughter as my mom’s texts came flying through my phone every few seconds wanting to know what the hell I was talking about. I’m sure her mind was racing and she was probably yelling for my dad to come look at her iPhone and help her figure out what trouble I was getting myself into. I was laughing so hard as each text pinged through my phone and finally had to call her and explain the entire joke. I then forwarded copies of everything to Becky (my Seeester). She happened to be at a party with Vince Vaughn’s family so there was quite a bit of laughter at my mom’s expense. Sorry Mom. But it was so freaking funny.

*This was the perfect prank because I don’t sell or smoke weed. Or any other drug. Which my mother should totally know. It would be a different story if you could get $40 for 2 grams of beer. Regardless, my mom has a good sense of humor and I knew she would laugh when it was all said and done.

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