Creepy Pig

sw00207792Earlier this summer my dad discovered these animated gifs and probably once a week he sends me a text message with one. I usually open my message and roll my eyes because they are cheesy. Things like “TGIF!” or “Have a Nice Day!” with balloons and streamers flying in the air. I know, I know. Its the thought that counts. But I couldn’t figure out where he was getting these images…. until today. I don’t know why, but I had the urge to Google “Pig Gifs” and somehow I wound up on — an entire site dedicated to ridiculous images. Including this one. Which completely creeps me out but makes me laugh at the same time. The teeth! The tongue! Ew!!!

I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It. Especially in tile screen format. Who thinks of this stuff?!?

Sorry the image is so small… its as large as it comes, unless you go full screen version.

I need to find something better to do than watch this creepy pig over and over.

4 thoughts on “Creepy Pig

  1. Whoo Pig Sooie! Arkansas fans might like this one. It looks like a hog after a night of revelry celebrating a big win.


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