My Michael Jackson 5K

I would like to thank the Michael Jackson station on Pandora for helping me knock out an easy 5K on my treadmill this evening. Its too hot to run outside and I really didn’t have the motivation to run at all. But for the first time I listened to a single station on Pandora and only skipped two songs. That has to be a world record. Not only did Billy Jean get my feet moving faster, but I knew every word to every song that played. As any Pandora junkie knows, it wasn’t all MJ songs but the others that came on were just as good and just as singable.* The only downside was the bread commercial that I had to listen to four different times. No lady, your kids don’t actually care where their bread comes from. I know this because my niece has no idea that chicken nuggets and hamburgers come from chickens and cows, respectively. They come from the grocery store and that is all that kids care about. Duh.

When I wasn’t stuck listening to the 20 second bread commercial, I sang at the top of my lungs. And danced, too. These are the benefits of running on a treadmill in your own home. No one is watching. But I did have a moment when I was doing a saxophone solo to Super Freak where I wondered if the guys who installed our security system years ago hid tiny cameras around the house and were possibly watching me. I worry about these things when I’m doing something in the house that I don’t want anyone to see. Like when I run out of toilet paper and Brad Pitt isn’t home and I have to sneak into the hall with my ass hanging out just to get a new roll. Times like that I worry there are hidden cameras in my house.

Camera or no camera, I rocked out on the treadmill today. So thank you to Michael Jackson. I dedicate that 5K to you.

*Is singable even a word? It must be because there isn’t a red squiggly line underneath warning me to check my spelling. Hmm. Interestin.  Oops. See? I misspelled that one. And my red squiggle lines must work, because it showed up on interestin. Interesting. Singable must be a real word.

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