Match Dog Com

The Little Monster got a new necklace (collar) this week because her old one was getting dirty from romping around in the grass and rolling around in cat shit. Its a beautiful necklace. Fancier than her last one. Its from the Martha Stewart Fall Collection at PetSmart.

The Little Monster knows she looks pretty in her new necklace and she prances around showing it off. She decided she looks so good that she needs a boyfriend, so she is putting her profile up on Match Dog Com. She is so crazy.


Meet…. Penny
Age: 1 yo but in dog years I’m more like 7 yo. I will admit, I know I’m young and immature, but I’m smart so that makes up for it.
Have Kids: No.
Want Kids: No. I’m spayed.
Breed: Chihuahua.
Body Type: Slender with long legs.
Height: Under 1 foot.
Faith: I pray for treats all the time
Smoke: No way. I don’t even like campfire smoke.
Drink: Only when I can sneak sips from my parents when they’re not looking. I really like coffee but usually I’m just a water drinker.

Likes: Running, Wrestling, Laying in the sun, Chewing on things (and by “things” I mean every thing), Chasing ping pong balls, Barking and Cuddling
Dislikes: Garden hoses, Strangers, Cats, Being home alone
Looking for: A super cute, athletic small dog to run in the yard and cuddle with at nap time

I have a wild side, but I’m very smart and super sweet. I’ll be honest, I still live with my parents but its cool because I don’t obey them a lot of the time. I’m game for breaking rules when the moment calls for it.
Only serious replies, please.


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