BOGO Filet Mignon

I have spent far too long trying to put together a funny post about last night’s dinner. There was nothing funny about it. It was serious. Damn serious. Seriously delicious.

The store had buy one, get one free filet mignon.* And the rest of the ingredients I already had on hand.**

The last time I made steak at home I had all intentions of grilling outside. And then it rained. No, it poured and I had to drag my Weber grill from the backyard, all the way up our driveway to the front porch with hope that I would salvage the KC Strips that I had spent my sweet money on. There wasn’t a cloud in sight last night but I wasn’t taking any chances. And I’ll be honest, I suck at grilling anyway, so I opted for a pan seared recipe.

We started with wedges of romaine salad with blue cheese dressing (and blue cheese crumbles – its not possible to go overboard with blue cheese), red onion and some candied walnuts on the side.


With the steak, I made glazed carrots and loaded mashed potatoes. I loved the carrots and couldn’t figure out why Brad Pitt wasn’t eating many of his until he explained he had snacked on an entire bowl of baby carrots earlier in the day. I actually saw him eating those carrots, but I didn’t even think about it when the recipe suggested pairing glazed carrots with the steak. My bad. But really I think it will just save us on future eye care bills so it kind of evens things out. And I will still love him if he has orange skin for a week or so.


Here is the recipe for the Pan Seared Filet Mignon with Cabernet Sauce .. thank you Epicurious!

*No, no they didn’t. It just makes me feel better saying they were buy one, get one free.
**Okay that is a lie, too. I had to buy most of the ingredients. Sorry, I just feel bad because it would have been so much cheaper if we had just gone to Chipotle and grabbed burrito bowls.

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