Brad Pitt Fooled Me

pizza51Friday night Brad Pitt and I grabbed a couple slices at Pizza 51 for dinner. Friday night Brad Pitt fooled me.

As we left the restaurant, I realized I left my water bottle inside and asked him to go back and get it for me. As soon as he turned the corner, a light bulb went off in my head … I was going to move the car so when he returned, he would think I had ditched him!

It was brilliant! I hurried to our parking space, jumped in the car and carefully moved it to the neighboring lot so I could watch for him to come back out and look for me.

I sat there and waited for him to show up. But he never did. Then I started to worry. Maybe he had a case of diarrhea and had to stop in the bathroom after he grabbed my water. So I called him. When he answered he said “Where are you?” and I said “Where are you?” and he said “No, where are you?” and this went on for a few more rounds of us asking the same question to each other, just inflecting different words to make our point. Eventually I said “I’m in the car!” and he said “I’m at the next place. Come find me….Two can play this game, Katie.”

Shut the front door. He is tricking me? What?!!? How did this happen?!?

He then told me “I’ll text you a photo of where I am. When you find me, I’ll buy you a beer.”


First photo clue: The Peanut!
I went to The Peanut.
He was not there.

Second photo clue: Fred P Otts!
I went to P-Otts.
He was not there.

I started second guessing everything and convinced myself he was pulling images from the internet and pretending to be places he really wasn’t and he was probably still waiting for me at the pizza place.

I went back to Pizza 51.
He was not there.

Then I got this text message:

Gee, thanks Brad Pitt for that face picture. That was extremely helpful. Actually … wait … I could see some rafters in the background. Tomfooleries rafters. Maybe he really was at Tomfooleries!

I hustled over to Tomfooleries but not before asking the most important question of the night:


As soon as I got to the front entrance of Fooleries I could see Brad Pitt through the window. He saw me, too and met me at the door. We were both laughing pretty hard at this point. He bought me a beer and explained that as soon as he saw the car was gone he took off running. He popped into Fred P Otts just to take photos and kept running until he made it to Tomfooleries.

And that is the story of how Brad Pitt totally fooled me. And held onto my water the entire time.

Brad Pitt wants to be sure that I explain to everyone how far he had to run to pull off his prank. In 90 degree heat. In dress shoes. Carrying my water bottle. And that he ran really fast. So here is a map of just how far he had to go for a little tomfoolery.

4 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Fooled Me

  1. I love this so much! I would have thought of the great prank and been too lazy to pull it out. High Five Brad Pitt! You guys really seem to be a match made in heaven šŸ™‚ I love to hear stories of happy loving relationships. Thanks for sharing.


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