Ice Cream Revelations

icecreamrevelationsOh, Glacé ice cream. You are so yummy. Brad Pitt and I grabbed some scoops of the fancy ice cream last night about a half an hour before they closed. I had numerous revelations while we sat in our air conditioned car eating our ice cream and watching people as they hurried in to get a fix before the doors locked. (We would have eaten inside but we had the Little Monster with us, plus it would have been rude to the girls who were trying to close up shop.)

My ice cream revelations:

  1. Sweet corn ice cream is really good.
  2. It is impossible to eat ice cream outside during a 100 degree heat wave. It melts far too quickly. Which I find absolutely disgusting, hence we were eating our ice cream inside the air conditioned car. What I learned, though, is some people like to eat melted ice cream. What?!? I watched a couple sit outside on the patio and slowly eat their ice cream. I brought this to Brad Pitt’s attention and he informed that some people like melted ice cream. He likes melted ice cream “if its fresh enough.” This was totally news to me. And it completely grosses me out.
  3. Single guys like fancy, expensive ice cream. I watched more single guys run into the shop before closing hours to grab a few scoops than I saw couples.
  4. Its difficult to drive a big truck when  you are holding a sundae in one hand and steering with the other. Okay this is only a slight “revelation” because really I only observed this for a few seconds as I watched one of the single guys drive off with a huge sundae and noticed how difficult it was to turn the truck around. But lets be honest, anyone should know it would be difficult to complete both tasks at the same time, so its not really a revelation at all. I should just erase number 4. Instead I will just draw a line through it and people can decide whether or not they want to take the time to read it or not.
  5. When you say “Can I have a scoop of [insert flavor here]” they will take you literally and only give you one scoop.

Okay so lets go back and review a couple of these “revelations” and get into further detail. In random order, but to offer further explanation …

Glacé is “fancy” ice cream because the quality is incredible and the flavors are ridiculously creative. Remember the beet and goat cheese ice cream I had awhile back? Yep. Creative. Last night I had a scoop of their seasonal Farmer Bob’s Sweet Corn and a scoop of Goat Cheese & Wildflower Honey. Wowsers. So, so good. The sweet corn really tasted like sweet corn. But in ice cream form. Just like the goat cheese and honey, it was sweet, but not overpowering, with a hint of savory to it. My ideal dessert.

Brad Pitt had one scoop of Fresh Mint Chocolate Flake. One scoop because he said “Can I try a scoop” so that is what they gave him. What a sucker! His ice cream was good, but powerful in flavor. I don’t know if he could have handled two scoops. It tasted like mint from the garden. Not at all like the mint ice cream you get from the grocery store. No, the mint was almost herbal in flavor. I’m sure his breath was squeaky fresh afterward, but I didn’t smell it. It was late. I went to bed and he stayed up and watched television.

On the topic of the single guys showing up alone… Maybe they were not technically single. Maybe they were picking up ice cream for their lovers who were waiting at home because they had already gotten into their pajamas because it was almost 10pm and bedtime. Really, too late to be eating ice cream anyway. But everyone else was doing it. And by everyone else I mean me, Brad Pitt and the other eight or nine people who showed up around 9:45pm.

And, last but not least: Melted ice cream is disgusting. I will go to great lengths to keep my ice cream frozen. As mentioned earlier, I will sit in air conditioning as opposed to outdoors to ensure I get every possible bite of frozen goodness. At home, I scoop my ice cream into a frozen glass and hold the glass from the top to maintain the coolest temperature around the ice cream as possible. If I’m forced to eat ice cream in a less than ideal situation (read: outdoors on a hot day) I will eat it fast. If it melts before the last bite, then I throw the melted part away. I can’t stand even a small bite of melted ice cream. The mere thought totally grosses me out. Blech.

So, there you have it. Mind blowing revelations all from a couple late night scoops of ice cream.



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