Sandwich Saturday: Blunchwich

Today Brad Pitt amazed me with his Sandwich Saturday meal at Happy Gillis. He ordered the Farm to Market Bialy with roasted asparagus, goat cheese and two eggs.

It was like part sandwich, part breakfast and he devoured it during the brunch hour (aka blunch to the cool kids). Given these factors, one must assume there is a proper name for a sandwich of this kind. In case such a word does not exist, I’ve come up with the following suggestions:

  1. Brandwich
  2. Breakwich
  3. Sandfast
  4. Brunchwich
  5. Blunchwich

Obviously it didn’t take too much creativity or brain power to develop any of these suggestions, but I feel they are all quite fitting and hope you agree. I’m leaning toward Blunchwich because, well, it just feels right.

Happy Sandwich Saturday!


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