Twerky Sandwich

Today I grabbed a turkey and havarti sandwich for lunch. I made it bounce up and down while I sat at the kitchen table and told Brad Pitt “Look its twerking!!!”

Then I said “Wait!!! Its not a Turkey Sandwich, its a Twerky Sandwich!” For some reason he was not amused, but I can’t stop laughing. I decided to create a gif in an attempt to replicate my dancing turkey sandwich.

Eat your heart out Miley Cyrus.

Click on the Turkey Sandwich below to see it bust a move.Twerky Sandwich

Update: When I showed Brad Pitt my blog post he still wasn’t impressed. I asked why he didn’t think it was awesome and he said “The sandwich doesn’t do anything.” I said “You have to click on it!” and he said “I did. It just goes up and down.” Frustrated I yelled “Its a freaking turkey sandwich! Of course it doesn’t do much! Jeez!!!” He obviously has zero appreciation for a twerking turkey sandwich.

Update Number 2: I called my mom to see if it was funny. She laughed. But then she called me back and suggested I add a glass of milk “for the turkey sandwich to have something to twerk on.” I told her she was disgusting and I politely hung up the phone. I will not be adding a glass of milk or anything else for that matter. Not even an image of Robin Thicke. But that would be pretty funny. A Thicke Twerky Sandwich. Damn. I should have done that.

2 thoughts on “Twerky Sandwich

  1. Brad Pitt didn’t laugh? Hmmm, his mind must be preoccupied with work ttoday, because I have seen him play with food (candy) in a similar manner. Quite recently, in fact. 😉


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