Ooooh Burgoo

A few weeks ago Andrew Zimmern visited Kentucky for his Bizarre Foods show. I was excited when it aired because I knew I was heading that way and hoped it would give me some insight on places to visit and (weird) things to eat. Burgoo hit the top of that weird list. The guy he hung out with for the burgoo segment made his meaty stew with a mixture of venison, turkey and squirrel. Squirrel! Hell yeah! I was determined to find some burgoo and give it a try once I hit Kentucky.

I didn’t have to wait long. My first Pitt stop was the Kentucky State BBQ Festival and, lo & behold, there was a tent serving burgoo! Hot damn I was going to eat some squirrel! Deep down inside I was a little weirded out so I figured a Bourbon Barrel Ale would give me liquid courage, as well as something to wash down the meaty goodness. After a few sips, I walked up to the burgoo tent and asked for a small bowl.

It was really, really good.I would definitely go back and have some more.


Okay full disclosure: The burgoo I had was sans-squirrel. Their version was a mixture of beef, chicken and pork. I was a little disappointed to find out the chicken of the trees was left out of my bowl. But, the trip is young and I have plenty of time to hunt down some squirrel stew.

2 thoughts on “Ooooh Burgoo

  1. Chicken of the trees? More like rat with fluffy tail, but whatever. You wanna eat squirrel, I have a yard full and you are welcome to all of the little suckers.

    (Since you were at a BBQ festival, was the meat in the burgoo smoked?)


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