Ham, Cauliflower, Pizza & Condoms

Brad Pitt and I had an awesome dinner at Garage Bar last night. It was on my list of must-visit “gastaurants” and the food was great. Ham tasting platter (I don’t even like ham but this was delicious because it wasn’t like ham at all. It was more like prosciutto, thinly sliced and full of flavor.) An order of carmelized cauliflower with capers, chili pepper, cilantro and curry (holy cow! so good!) and a brick oven pizza. I also sampled two different bourbons. When in Rome, as they say!

Our bartender hooked me up with some great restaurant recommendations and a book featuring all the local places to visit in Louisville. The woman sitting next to us also shared many of her suggestions and was in agreement with the bartender. All in all, it was a great night.

But I think my favorite part of the night happened after we got back to our hotel. As we walked through the lobby, I gracefully made my way toward the concierge. “Good evening,” he says “how can I help you?” I asked him if there was a convenience store nearby and he explained a store was within walking distance but they were closed at that hour. He then suggested we might find whatever we needed upstairs at the little shop on the third floor of the hotel. That is when I leaned in and said “Well, do they have condoms?” Of course I whispered condoms and winked at him while I was asking. No matter how quietly I spoke of the prophylactic apparatus though, Brad Pitt was completely filled with horror that I had posed the question and he took off running for the elevators yelling “Condoms are for sailors!” which made no sense to me but I cracked up anyway. When I turned back toward the concierge, his face was completely red and he couldn’t look me in the eye. But his shoulders were shaking because he was trying to contain his own laughter, which I found totally awesome. I then excused myself and headed quickly for the elevators, afraid Brad Pitt was going to beat me to the room and lock me out for playing this latest joke on him. Garage Bar was fantastic but that was definitely the highlight of the night.


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