Taco Tuesday: the Traveling Trifecta

Today’s Taco Tuesday was a traveling trifecta:*
I traveled to Louisville from Kansas City.
The tacos were from a traveling restaurant (food truck).
The food truck is named the Traveling Kitchen.

Does it get any more perfect than that?!? Oh, yes, it does. These tacos had a Korean influence and man oh man, they were good.

How do you say “Holy Sweet Freaking Yeah!!!” in Korean? I need to know so I can go back and tell the guy who runs the Traveling Kitchen food truck how much I loved his tacos.travelkitchentacos

From left to right, I had the Spicy Pork, Korean Bulgogi Beef and Tempura Veggie tacos. Not pictured is the little bowl of kim chi that I added to each taco. Just the right amount of heat and flavor packed into every single bite. Gamsahabnida, Traveling Kitchen, Gamsahabnida.**

*Trifecta… get it? I’m in Louisville… home of the Kentucky Derby… where people bet on horses… trifecta is a type of bet … yeah, maybe I should find better play on words if you didn’t get that one. If you caught on without me having to go into explanation, good for you. You earned yourself a point in the game of knowledge. Rock on with your bad self.

**According to Google, gamsahabnida is “thank you” in Korean. I hope Google is right.


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