Basement Dining

On Tuesday night I followed the suggestions of multiple Louisville locals and dragged Brad Pitt to a residential neighborhood for dinner. The restaurant is seriously located in the basement of a house in the neighborhood. No stores, bars or restaurants around. Just houses. Here is a brief glimpse of the neighborhood:germantownI had heard the wait for a table in the limited seating, basement-dive-restaurant could be upwards of two hours. So as soon as we parked the car and I saw other people getting out of their cars I frantically yelled “Hurry! Hurry! We have to beat them to the door” and he actually listened and we both took off run-walking toward the house. Not a full out jog because we didn’t want to look crazy. But very fast walking so we would be sure to hit the door first.

It worked. We snagged two of the last open stools at the bar.

Welcome to Hammerheads:hammerheads

Brad Pitt kind of looked at me like “Are you sure about this?” but I was positive. Too many people had said too many good things about the place. We were going to stay. And we are so glad we did. It was fantastic!!! We each got a burger and split some garlic herb fries and smoked mac & cheese.

My Chorizo Burger with pepper jack, sun-dried tomato aioli, spring mix and tomato on kaiser bun:chorizo

Brad Pitt’s Elk Burger with Spanish brie, sun-dried tomato aioli, spring mix and tomato on a pretzel bun:elkburger
The entire time we were eating our meal I was plotting away at how we could turn our own basement into a restaurant. But I think for now I’ll stick to cooking for two.


2 thoughts on “Basement Dining

  1. Your basement looks a lot nicer than that one. 😊
    Honestly, I’d probably have a problem living next door to those people—I would never want to cook again!


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