Old Spaghetti Memories

There is an Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Louisville. There used to be one in Columbia, Missouri when I was in college. I went once and I told Brad Pitt it was awesome. We got into a heated discussion where he insisted that there was no way I would think it was as good today as I did back then. I disagreed. So when all the local places I wanted to try were “closed on Mondays” I hit up the OSF.

When I walked in, I was greeted by the hostess and I requested a seat at the bar. She informed me it was closed. Closed. The bar was closed. What is a single diner to do? Well, I will tell you. Single diners sit at a teeny tiny table at the back of the restaurant, close to the kitchen. So that is where I sat. It’s all good. I had plenty of things to look at and think about.

In fact, I kept track of all the thoughts I had while sitting at my two-top-table which really wasn’t big enough for two people so I decided it was probably the “Oh-My-God-this-person-is-alone-what-do-we-do-with-them-one-top-table-designed-to-look-like-a two-top-table.”

My thoughts while dining:

Wow. These chandeliers are fancy. Way to go OSF. The fringe-y lamp shades are cool too. Cool if you’re a flapper. No. That was mean. Strike that. They are cool.lights


WTF is this thing called Mizithra that my place mat is suggesting I order?

Photo Credit: The Old Spaghetti Factory

Photo Credit: The Old Spaghetti Factory


Awesome! I get a salad with my entree!


Shit. That is a lot of bread. Do not eat the bread, Katie. Don’t do it. You’ll get too full.breadloaf


Aaaaand you did it. Stupid.cutbread


Oh, goodie! My pasta is here.

What? No offer of fresh cracked pepper?  Will people think I’m a snob for thinking that?

Oh. Hot. Hot, hot, hot!

I wonder what Brad Pitt is eating at his business dinner.

Holy shit that guy is sitting with his legs far apart.

Wow. This is a lot of cream sauce. Brad Pitt would shit his lactose intolerant pants if he ate this pasta dish.osfpasta

Huh, this is interesting. I haven’t even opened my book. I’ve been too busy looking at people and reading all the information on my place mat.

Why is that guy sitting like that? His legs are so far apart.

No thanks on the complementary spumoni. I’m gonna find a bourbon at the hotel bar with the fish swimming underneath. But, thank you.
All in all, I had a good meal, but I think Brad Pitt was right. Some things are better left in memories. But, then again, I didn’t order a spaghetti with meat sauce like I did back in college. And I wasn’t surrounded with really good company. So, it wasn’t a true comparison. Which probably means I will have to go back and try the OSF again. Hopefully next time Brad Pitt can join me.

2 thoughts on “Old Spaghetti Memories

  1. There used to be one downtown Kansas City. Did you ever go there? I’ve also been to that OSF in Louisville. I likened it to an Italian Applebee’s… But I agree, I had great memories of going to OSF downtown. It just seemed so freaking cool because it was a restaurant IN A FACTORY! And they had Italian sodas where you could KEEP THE GLASS!


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