Simmer Down

My mom was right (again) — simmering sauce for a long time makes a big difference. After our dinner at Lidia’s I decided I would try simmering sauce for a long time. My friend Kerry said her mom used to spend two days simmering her sauce. Two days! I don’t have the patience. I would eat it after day one.

So today I put the simmer test in action. I cheated and used some jarred sauce but added some garlic, sugar and fresh basil to the meat sauce. And then I let it simmer for about eight hours.pastasimmerIt turned out delicious. I ate two bowls. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch the rest of the Miss America pagaent …. girls who have apparently never eaten two full bowls of pasta ever in their entire lives even if the sauce simmered for days on end.


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