Sushi Shrimp Shumai Slideshow

One year for Christmas, Brad Pitt gave me a sushi cookbook and sushi related gadgets. I put them to use last night when we had sushi at home. And by “put them to use” what I mean is I went to the store, bought sushi rolls, came home, plated everything and used the soy sauce pourer and chopsticks he gave me.

I have not been brave enough to make sushi myself. I assume when I finally do make an attempt for homemade sushi, I will stick with “fake” sushi: veggies, crab meat and shrimp. You know, the safe stuff. Until that day, the grocery store has some really good options.

In addition to the sushi, I whipped up some edamame, firecracker shrimp and pork shumai. And by “whipped up” what I mean is I bought steam-in-the-pack edamame and added some Japanese sea salt after I pulled the bag out of the microwave. The firecracker shrimp and pork shumai were complements of the freezer section at Trader Joe’s, so I just had to pan fry the shrimp and steam the shumai. Given the fact I had to turn the stove on, I feel I can take full credit for putting together a delicious, multi-course dinner of appetizers and sushi.

And given the fact I put forth so much effort into creating such an incredibly difficult and time consuming meal, I created a slideshow featuring the highlights. I present to you: my Sushi+Shrimp+Shumai Slideshow

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