Taco Tuesday: Get to the Point

Ugh! It has been FOREVER (seven days) since the last Taco Tuesday. I have been waiting for today to share more photos of my Louisville taco experience.

I can’t remember what I told you before and I don’t want to waste time looking for that post. (But here it is in case you want to read it.)  So I am going to start from the beginning and dish out the entire story. This will drive Brad Pitt totally crazy because he likes it when I “get straight to the point.” Heh. That is so boring! What kind of story teller gets straight to the point?

When I realized I was (1) going to Louisville and (2) the trip was going to overlap on a Tuesday, I immediately started googling* for taco places. I came across the Traveling Kitchen right away and couldn’t ignore all the positive reviews for their Korean inspired tacos on Urbanspoon, Yelp and Facebook. The food truck was also great at posting their daily location on Facebook, so I started following them to get an idea of their “usual” spots. And, of course, once I saw a location, I would then google map it to my hotel to get an idea of distance and walkability because I didn’t think I would have a car while I was there. (Since Brad Pitt was working, I was low-man-on-the-totem-pole when it came to access to the car.)

Fast forward to our arrival in Louisville …

We arrived on a Sunday night. I awoke on Monday and immediately checked Facebook for the location of the food truck. Nothing. No post. Took a shower. Checked again. Still no post. Checked again. This went on for a couple hours and I knew other people were doing the same thing because someone posted on the page asking where they would be that day. Whew. I wasn’t the only one obsessing over lunch. Finally an update … they posted their entire agenda for the week. And Monday was blank. They were closed on Monday! Okay, deep breath. No worries, I told myself. Tacos are made for Tuesdays anyway.

However, it wasn’t ideal. Their Tuesday location was not within walking distance. Wednesday’s location was right around the corner from our hotel, but we were scheduled to drive home on Wednesday morning. [Insert tiny taco tears here.] pigtalestacocryI was determined to find a way to make it work, so I spent the rest of Monday brainstorming how I would achieve taco-nirvana on Tuesday. I finally settled on the idea that I would take the trolley down Market Street and eat at different taco joint. [Insert larger taco tears here.] pigtalestacocrybig

But, lo and behold, the taco stars aligned and my world was right again: Brad Pitt did not need the car on Tuesday! I was going to track down the Traveling Kitchen and feast on their Korean taco creations!

This is what Tuesday’s plan looked like — the indicates whether or not I accomplished the task:
Wake up
Get dressed √  (t-shirt, shorts and running shoes)
Find car in parking garage
Find taco truck location √
Find parking spot
Eat tacos √√√
Drive around Louisville and see sights while food settles
Jog around downtown and see more sights
Take nap

As you can see, based on my check marks, I had a very, very successful day. Here is my day in photos…

The tacos:

Pork, Korean Beef and Tempura-Veggie Tacos. Seriously … Seriously …. Yum.

And here is what I saw while driving and jogging around Louisville:

I like to think that the river statue is pointing at the gold statue and saying “Dude! You have no clothes on!” And the gold statue is saying “Who? Me?” I obviously have an incredible sense of humor. And these photos are proof that it pays to take photos while you are jogging.

So, that was my Louisville Taco Tuesday story. Now, see what I mean about telling a story in its entirety? Think about all the things you would have missed if I had “just gotten to the point.”

Happy Taco Tuesday!

*Isn’t it funny how “googling” has become an actual word? Like, its a noun and a verb. Once it hits adjective status its versatility will be right up there with the “F” word.

One thought on “Taco Tuesday: Get to the Point

  1. I spent the first half of this post thinking “Get to the point? Uh, no, Brad Pitt, it’s not gonna happen. She is her father’s daughter.” Then I got to the Conversation of Statues and I laughed!

    Cute and funny post. Love the pic of Churchill Downs.


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