Steve Irwin of Our Backyard

I am just as obsessed with taking photos of birds, bugs and random animals as I am with food photos.

Earlier this week, I chased a sphinx moth around the yard getting photos from various angles:moth

Today, Brad Pitt let the Little Monster outside to potty and screamed because he saw a huge cicada. I came running with my iPhone so I could take a picture:

photo-301 I nearly pushed him down the stairs to get a good shot. He rolled his eyes, walked past me and said “Geez, Katie. I swear, you are the Steve Irwin of our backyard.”


I am.

I am the Steve Irwin of Our Backyard! (Minus the fact we don’t have crocodiles.)

Proof that I am definitely the Steve Irwin of Our Backyard is shown in the following photo montage of other daring images I have captured over time. Please note: Each image is captioned. You may have to click the image to see the caption. And, when you read the caption: You must read each one in an Australian accent. If you don’t, you aren’t doing it right.

And at times things get even more exotic:

In case you still need more proof that I am the Steve Irwin of Our Backyard, I created this video. In the wild. Of our backyard.

Unbelievable how close I got, huh!?!? A true beast of a bug. I’m impressed with my own bravery on that one. And that is why I am the Steve Irwin of Our Backyard.

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