What a Weekend

Did you think I lost my computer? Fell off the face of the Earth? Forgot about all of you? I didn’t. I was just busy having fun this weekend and didn’t have time to post anything. Shame on me, I know. But I had fun and gained a few stories to share from the weekend’s festivities.

My favorite parts of the weekend:

  • Sneaking our own wine into the Plaza Art Fair and using the money we saved to eat food. You will hear more about this later  (hint: Lobster Tacos!)


  • Burgers at Booches in Columbia, MO. We took a short road trip to CoMO for the annual Roots n Blues n BBQ festival because the Black Crowes were performing. We love the Black Crowes. Like, a lot. So we were not going to miss this show. Plus it was a way to celebrate the fact that Brad Pitt survived his accident and was still alive a year later. Any time we are in Columbia, we have to eat at Booches. They have the best hamburgers in the universe. I am not kidding. The universe.photo-311
  • When we checked into our hotel and the front desk clerk asked if we had a room preference I said “It doesn’t matter, just make sure you give us a room with a mattress that doesn’t make any noise….If you know what I mean.” Brad Pitt’s eyes glazed over and he just looked straight ahead. I laughed. And the desk clerk cracked up. Finally, someone who shares my sense of humor. She should be my new BFF.
  • We met up with some old friends before the show. Old as in “I’ve known them forever.” Not old as in “senior citizen” old. We had a great time. And, just an FYI: We would have had just as much fun if they were senior citizen old. But they are young. Like us. And fun.
  • The Black Crowes. The show was awesome.blackcrowes
  • The shuttle ride back to the hotel. A small group of us sang our own version of “The Wheels on the Bus” and it was hilarious. Also I used my FourSquare app and “checked into” the strip clubs and massage parlors as we drove past. The best part about this is the last time we passed through Columbia, I “checked into” Club Vogue (the strip club) so when I “checked in” this weekend, I became the mayor. I am the mayor of Club Vogue! I couldn’t have been more proud of myself as I was at that point on Saturday night. — Oh shit. Don’t click the Club Vogue link if you are on your work computer. You are welcome for the warning.
  • Taco Bell. I haven’t had Taco Bell in YEARS. It grosses me out. But it was the only late-night option to take back to our hotel room. I took a small bite out of the corner of Brad Pitt’s taco, wrapped it up and put it back in the bag while he went to the bathroom. We flipped on the television, sat on the end of the bed and chowed down. When he got to the taco he stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh my GAWD! There is a bite in my taco!”

“What!?! No way. Let me see”

He showed me his taco.

“No! That is not a bite, its fine. Just eat it.”

“No way Katie! It is a bite!” He then proceeded to show me how one end of the taco was “normal taco shape” and the other end had “a huge bite taken out of it.” He was really starting to freak out but when I said “Oh, its probably fine, who cares if someone bit your taco, just eat it,” he realized that I was the one who bit into his taco and he finally settled down and ate it.tacobite


  • When we checked out of the hotel the front desk clerk told us she had complaints about all the noise we made during the night. And then she winked at Brad Pitt. It was hilarious. Definitely my new BFF.*

Seriously, what a weekend. It was great.

*For those who are wondering, we didn’t make a peep that night. After the tacos, we fell asleep. I swear.




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