Taco Tuesday: Cockroach Taco

Friday night I ate a cockroach taco. And I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Remember when I told you about my disgust and aversion to lobster? When Alton Brown likened the delectable crustacean to cockroaches, he pretty much ruined it for me. I haven’t been able to order lobster tail since I saw that episode. So, how did I find myself eating a lobster (cockroach) taco over the weekend? Well ….

First of all: If I get out of my head enough, I can eat lobster….if the meat has already been removed from the tail and doesn’t resemble a cockroach anymore. (Think: Lobster mac & cheese. The crunchy exoskeleton and squirmy legs are gone and the meat is in pieces, so it doesn’t look like a disgusting, disease ridden bug anymore. Therefore it is quite edible.)

Second of all: I figured I needed some good material for a Taco Tuesday post. So, in a way, it is your fault that I ate ocean cockroaches on Friday. When I saw Lobster Tacos on Zocalo‘s menu at the Plaza Art Fair, I went for it. And they were really, really, really good. I guess I should thank you for pushing me into no-mans-taco-land.lobstertaco

These lobster tacos actually seem pretty easy to make. Check out the video …

At about the three minute mark, the host of the show stuffs her mouth so full with lobster taco she can’t talk. That is pretty much what I looked like when I ate my taco, too. My yummy, awesome cockroach taco.

Happy Taco Tuesday!




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