I’m a Wannabilly

Remember that time when I was in Louisville? Yeah, that was fun. Man, it was so long ago. (2 1/2 weeks, to be exact.) As I reminisced about that trip with Brad Pitt, I realized I forgot to tell you guys about Hillbilly Tea.

This place is fantastic. Tea and booze. Enough said.

Of course you can get just tea. Or just booze. But we went for the tea-booze combo, because, well, “When in Rome….”

I’m going to get a little Bubba Gump on you for a minute. Hillbilly Tea has Iced Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Mountain Tea, Earth Tea, and Herb Tea. My favorite tea of all, though, is their Tea Hooch. HOOCH!

OMG, I love Kentucky.

The geniuses at Hillbilly Tea have basically infused their teas with alcohol and created at least eight different types of tea hooch. And they offer flights so you can figure out which one is your favorite.

One look at the menu, though, and I knew I was destined to try a concoction called “Oh Sweet Daddy” (twig tea hooch & local honey) ohsweetdaddyand Brad Pitt was meant to drink the Hatfield & McCoy (one shot of smoked hooch & one shot of bourbon.)


Seriously. How could you not love this place? If Hillbilly Tea is any indication of the life of a real hillbilly, then sign me up. One sip of tea hooch and I’m officially a Wannabilly.


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