This week’s Sandwich Saturday is brought to you by D’Bronx deli & pizzeria in Kansas City. And a sandwich shout-out goes to my friend Jessi for posting a picture of her lunch on Facebook a week ago which forced me to put D’Bronx higher on my “must visit” list for sandwiches.

It had been awhile since I had been to D’Bronx… and I got pizza the last time I visited. So, the second I saw her picture of their “Bell Street Bomb” sandwich, I immediately opened Safari on my iPhone, went to the D’Bronx website and left the page open as a reminder to myself to try their sandwiches.

They nailed the meat, cheese, bread ratio and the cream cheese dressing was added bonus. I’m sure my Mom is grossing out right now. She doesn’t like cream cheese. When she sees the sandwich also comes with mayo, she’ll really lose her shit.dbronxmom I don’t like mayo either, but I forgot to make a special request to leave it off, so I just pretended it wasn’t there. It worked. It was delicious. I would even go so far to say D’Bronx’s Bell Street Bomb sandwich is D’Bomb. dbombHappy Sandwich Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “D’Bomb

  1. Yuck. That looks gross. I bet that mayo/cream cheese ended up on your lip at some point during lunch. Blech.

    It’s Sandwich Saturday, but it’s also game day, so let’s talk about ribs instead. We had them for dinner, of course. And they were delish, of course. And we won, so it was a good day. A very good day–in spite of seeing a close up of mayonnaise. 😊


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